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Find my children …

Calum Neuman, a private investigator living on Scotland’s remote west coast, has his world turned inside out by a new client.

Glenda Muir, a tormented hypnotherapist, needs to find her estranged twin sons and asks Neuman to locate them.

During a midsummer witching ceremony in the woods, a sinister event shatters Neuman’s normally placid life  … and he starts to feel out of his depth.

As the frenzied search gathers pace, doubts creep in as to whether the twins actually exist … and Calum becomes prey as a killer joins his trail.

You will be drawn into the labyrinth … an intriguing thriller with a dark heart.

Kindle August Rankings

UK Top 100 All Cats

 #1 CAN & AUS Thrillers Sub-Cat


'A brilliant thriller' ... 'Great debut thriller' ... 'The story examines obsession and human failings that can lead good people to tragedy. And not-so-good people too.' .... 'a fabulous debut novel' ...'A really great crime thriller which keeps you hooked until the end!' ... 'You may think you know what is coming but I assure you, you won't believe it.'

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