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Calum Neuman investigates ...

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ISBN 978-0-9934262-09/16

Find my children …

Calum Neuman, a private investigator living on Scotland’s remote west coast, has his world turned inside out by a new client.

Glenda Muir, a tormented hypnotherapist, needs to find her estranged twin sons and asks Neuman to locate them.

During a midsummer witching ceremony in the woods, a sinister event shatters Neuman’s normally placid life  … and he starts to feel out of his depth.

As the frenzied search gathers pace, doubts creep in as to whether the twins actually exist … and Calum becomes prey as a killer joins his trail.

You will be drawn into the labyrinth … an intriguing thriller with a dark heart.

A Hidden Girl Cover SMALL WEB_edited.jpg
A Hidden Girl

ISBN 978-0-9934262-23/30

A hotel with secrets …

Struggling with a personal tragedy, Scottish investigator Calum Neuman is distracted by a new case.

A researcher delving into Hungary’s past has gone missing in the capital.

As Neuman, and assistant Jenna Strick search for her, it becomes clear there is more at stake than a missing person.

A closed society casts dangerous shadows on them, as they uncover a trail leading back to the dark times of Second World War Hungary.

 An old hotel housing bitter secrets comes to light and as Neuman and Strick strive for the truth, the hotel’s inhabitants have to make dramatic decisions.

As they face resistance in Budapest, Neuman and Strick are dogged by their own challenges ... one is a deadly threat that just won’t go away.

Everyone has their demons  …

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